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PixelGenius Installers for Photoshop CC, CC (2014) and CC (2015)

Photoshop CC (v14), Photoshop CC (2014) (v15) and Photoshop CC (2015) (v16)

While the current versions of PhotoKit 2, PhotoKit Color 2 and PhotoKit Sharpener 2 products are compatible with Photoshop CC, we did have to update our Windows product installers for the new Photoshop CC (2014) when running Windows 8/8.1. The current Mac versions are compatible with Photoshop CC (2014). The installers also work with Photoshop CC (2015) for both Mac and Windows.

If you have purchased or downloaded since the beginning of 2014 (or last year) you should download the current installers found on our Downloads page.

Note: in Photoshop CS6 & Photoshop CC (all versions), the Plug-ins folder in the main Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC folder is empty. CS6 & CC's internal plug-ins have been relocated to different places based on what platform you are on. However, the Plug-ins folder in the main app folder is the ONLY place where 3rd party plug-ins should now be installed. You do NOT want to simply copy the entire contents of previous versions of Photoshop plug-in folders into this new 3rd party plug-ins folder–you certainly don't want to load any Adobe plug-ins from previous versions of Photoshop into this folder. This will cause users a great deal of problems including not being able to save files in various formats. The best practise is to download the most recent product installers and do a fresh install.

If you have additional questions regarding compatibility,
please check the PixelGenius Support page.

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