OS X Mountain Lion (Version 10.8) Installer Info

With the release of OS X Mountain Lion (Version 10.8) Apple has changed the Security and Privacy settings in the System Preferences. By default, application installers are subject to additional security. Unless an application developer has been approved for the Mac App Store or is identified as a developer, you'll receive the following warning when launching the installer:

This warning will appear when running any PhotoKit brand installer including PhotoKit 2, PhotoKit Sharpener 2 and PhotoKit Color 2. Pixel Genius is evaluating the procedure for becoming an "identified developer". However, in the meantime, users will need to do one of two things; either change your Security & Privacy settings in your System Preferences or use a Right-Click (Control-Click) procedure for opening the installer. PixelGenius does not advocate changing your Security & Privacy settings unless you full understand the implications of doing so. Right-Click (Control-Click) on the PhotoKit installer and select "Open" from the context menu as shown below.

When you select Open, you will be presented with a different dialog box that will allow you to Open and run the installer as shown below.

Click on the Open button and the installer will open as shown below. You will be prompted for your User Name and Password to proceed.

If you have additional questions or technical issues, please us the PixelGenius Tech Support form found on the Support Page.

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