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If you received your validation email and are having problems returning to activate your new membership, please remember to log into the actual forum web site using the original forum login ID, not your new user and password. If you see the following dialog, enter in the original forum login ID and password.

The original forum ID and password goes in the dialog shown above. This is the forum web site login ID and password the PixelGenius Web Forums have two levels of security, the first level is the password protected directory and the second level is the user level. There are two sets of login and passwords. The site level and your personal level. Both are required to actually login to the forum and posts as a registered user..

Your personal User Name and password goes in the dialog shown below.

If you entered your user name or your password incorrectly, you will see the following dialog.

You user name, including upper and lower case letters, numbers or spaces must be entered exactly as when you created them. Your password is also case sensitive. If you have forgotten either your user name or password, you can click on the link in the dialog to have them emailed to you as shown below.

Note, this must be a legitimate email address. You must turn off any spam blocking software in your email program that would prevent the forum from sending to your email address.

If you try and fail five times in a row, you will see the following dialog:

The forum software will lock out your IP address for a fifteen minute period. There is nothing that can be done once you get this dialog except wait for the full fifteen minutes.

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For Forum Support Issues, please use this form: Forum-Problems
If you send an email, please indicate the following critical pieces of information to help us help you:
What operating system are you using, including any updates or service packs?
What browser are you using?
What is your browser's "cookies" settings set to?
What is your internet connection?
Have you logged onto the site successfully at least once?
Have you created a personal user name and password?
Have you received the user validation email?
Have you responded to the validation email?
Have you requested that the forum system send you your user name and password?
Have you received a lock out notice?

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