PhotoKit 2 Info


Installing PhotoKit 2

How to install PhotoKit 2 on Windows and Macintosh. If you encounter an error when installing, check here.

Launching PhotoKit 2

Information about launching PhotoKit for the first time. The first time you launch PhotoKit, you will be asked whether you wish to demo it, purchase it or enter your serial number.

PhotoKit 2 User Guide

The PhotoKit 2 User Guide is available to download. Note: this is a PDF manual intended for reading in Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above. Click Here for info on Acrobat Reader.

PhotoKit 2 Errors

While unlikely, you may encounter an error when using PhotoKit 2, you can follow this link to find out more about errors and how to correct them.
Buying PhotoKit 2

If you are using the demo, you can buy PhotoKit 2 right from within the plug-in. Find out more information about buying PhotoKit 2 from the plug-in, or you can:

PhotoKit 2 Versions and Updates

The current version of PhotoKit 2 is 2.0.5 for Mac and version 2.0.6 for Windows

If for some reason, you need to re-download PhotoKit 2, you may click on the links below to re-download the current version.

NOTE: the file you receive is a compressed file that will need decompression before running the installer. The Windows version is a .zip file and the Mac version is a .dmg file.

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Customer Support

PixelGenius very much appreciates your choice of trying or buying PhotoKit 2. We want your experience to be as trouble-free as possible. If you have any technical support questions not covered by the PhotoKit 2 User Guide or the Info page, please use the online form to send an e-mail to Pixel Genius Tech Support.

Note: Pixel Genius does not offer live phone support. Please contact Tech Support via the e-mail form. We try to respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. Also, if you send e-mail to Tech Support, please be sure you enable return e-mails from the domain in any anti-spam software you may use. Tech Support can not respond to spam blocker procedures.

If you need to check your eSellerate records for your receipt, order number or your transaction record, click here.

You can also double check your serial number by going to the About Plug-ins and navigating to your PhotoKit 2 Plug-in Module. The About Screen contains the product, the version number, and serial number.

The PixelGenius EULA allows the installation of your purchased products on two computers-not to be run at the same time. There is no limit to the number of re-installs you are allowed to make. Your product license is platform specific. PixelGenius does not offer a cross platform license transfer. PixelGenius End User License Agreement (EULA).

PixelGenius offers a free demo period (seven or ten day, depending on product). Once expired, PixelGenius can not extend the demo period. PixelGenius also offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. Please see the 'Terms of Sale' for information regarding making a return. PixelGenius Terms of Sale

If you have any questions regarding your credit card transaction or billing, please contact eSellerate Customer Support. Note, this email address is for questions regarding your credit card transaction or billing only. Product Tech Support questions must go to PixelGenius.

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