PhotoKit Sharpener Testimonials

Finally, a sharpening utility that really delivers! PhotoKit SHARPENER is a flexible and intuitive tool that allows even the novice user to perform exact, input and output sharpening. We have tried every sharpening utility we’ve come across and none of them equal the ease, precision and accuracy available with PhotoKit SHARPENER. We have integrated it into our workflow and now it’s all we use at our studio.
Two thumbs up!

-Graham Nash & R. Mac Holbert
Nash Editions: Fine Art Photography Printmaking

I thought I knew sharp until I saw what PK Sharpener can do. When I show my clients 24x36 prints from a 6 megapixel capture and you can see chin hairs on the 20 year old female model like it was an 8x10 print from a 4x5 chrome, you got sharp. No crunches, no pixelation, just mind blowing sharpness. Now I got milk, got digital, got sharp.Way to go guys.

-Jack Reznicki
Reznicki Photography

PhotoKit SHARPENER in conjunction with PhotoKit takes almost all the work out of prepping images. I'm using them on every image every day and loving the results. BRAVO! Pixel Genius rates a FULL FIVE PIXELS on these tools! Congratulations on fine work to all the team!

-Chuck Pefley
Chuck Pefley Photography

The geniuses at Pixel Genius have developed a remarkably effective sharpening product and workflow which have allowed me to get the most out of my digital files. I feel I have a much better handle on the sharpening process from capture to output, and I wouldn't dream of working without it-but don't let it go to your head....

-Mark Beckelman
Beckelman Photo Illustration

Being a digital fine art photographer, I need to find ways to keep my workflow efficient and effective. PhotoKit Sharpener is both highly efficient and effective in applying the exact degree of sharpness to any of my images, whether the original is a scanned negative, slide, or object, or a digital camera file. Along with the original PhotoKit, there are virtually no other " darkroom" tools I need to produce high quality images.

-Dennis Stein
Digital Imaging - Fine Art Photography

PK Sharpener is a great product. At the simplest level you can use it to quickly get excellent sharpening with very little work--an initial capture sharpen, your usual Photoshop work, and add the appropriate output sharpening. But PKS also allows you to take sharpening to a new level of sophistication, allowing you to add specialized sharpening effects to bring the very best out of your prints. Sharpening becomes a creative tool, rather than a necessary (and tedious) step in the print process. The only down-side is that you’ll want to reprint everything you did before…

- Scott Long

PHOTOKIT SHARPENER- It takes the guess work out of sharpening.

- Marty Connelly
Shore Photography

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